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4 wichtige Eigenschaften eines MDM

Die ideale MDM-Lösung integriert Wünsche der Anwender und Sicherheitsaspekte der IT. Die IT kann Richtlinien auf Basis von Geräteeigentum, Status oder Standort festlegen.

Was bedeutet MDM?

Der Begriff Mobile Device Management ist gerade in Zeiten von Corona in aller Munde. Doch was genau verbirgt sich dahinter? Und was soll ein MDM bewirken? Was hat ein Unternehmen oder eine Behörde davon, ein MDM einzusetzen?

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of managing devices, but not all MDM solutions are created equal. Read on to find out more about choosing a MDM solution.

3 Steps to Trim Your Software Budget

Find out how efficient software management can help trim unnecessary IT costs and improve employee productivity.

Overcoming Shadow IT and what works

When faced with a problem at work without the necessary resources to solve them, we often turn to tools that are readily accessible – such as downloading an unauthorised app or using our private devices to access work documents. These IT-related activities that may seem harmless at first can quickly lead to some serious security...

COVID-19 Remote Work: How to Stay Productive

Remote work under COVID-19 is about more than just productivity: it requires balance, flexibility, and communication.

IT Management Best Practices for Remote Work

Save time and empower employees with these IT management best practices designed to support users and devices across a distributed organization or for remote work.

4 Ways to Optimize IT Costs with Asset Management

Single-point solutions are the main source of increased costs and reduced agility. See how to transform your IT costs with unified endpoint management.

How to Ensure Your IT Department Remains Agile

Siloed technology and complex processes often restrict IT agile response to opportunities. Learn how to transform your IT with unified endpoint management.
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